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We are Partners in the Land of a thousand lakes

As Müritz National Park Partners, we feel a special link to the landscape and nature of the Müritz National Park region. We seek to ensure that the National Park region’s biological diversity is preserved for us and our descendants.

We aim to show our visitors and customers the beauty of the landscape, offering them the Müritz National Park region’s best through our services and products.

As Müritz National Park Partners, we are committed to applying the National Park’s vision in our daily work and to pass it on to others.

... spreads over 322 square kilometres and counts as one of the most beautiful natural areas in northeast Germany, famed for its crystal-clear water and magical landscape. The National Park includes a 500-meter-wide strip along the East shore of Lake Müritz.

More than 100 lakes in the Müritz National Park exceed a hectare in size. Extensive pine forests and bogs characterise the area of the National Park to the East of Lake Müritz, which forms the larger part of the park.

The smaller area around Serrahn features remarkable old beech woods in a hilly landscape with many smaller lakes and bogs. Due to it´s different biotops the National Park has a large biodiversity.

With the establishment of Müritz National Park in autumn 1990, these unique natural treasures were placed under special protection. We invite you to experience, understand and enjoy the Müritz National Park region and the people living here.

... of Müritz National Park is at the centre of the Mecklenburg lake district, one of the least populated parts of Germany. Until 1990, the Müritz National Park region was dominated by traditional activities such as agriculture, forestry and fishing. However, the area’s natural wealth and stunning landscape have made tourism increasingly important. Today, visitors are welcomed by several hotels and restaurants, guest and appartment houses and service facilities in Waren (Müritz), Mirow, Neustrelitz and Feldberg. True to the spirit of the region, they provide for you to book an experience of nature and to discover the Müritz National Park.

Together with Mecklenburg Lake district tourism association the National Park authority and the partner enterprises care about sustainable tourism in our region. In a common process, several protected areas in the baltic sea region follow within the Interreg-project  Parks & Benefits the goal to fulfill the requirements of theEuropean Charter of sustainable tourism. In september 2011, the Müritz National Park was certificated as a Charter Park for five years. But this isn´t the end of the process to a sustainable tourism development of the National Park region, as the work on the measures will continue. For implementing ideas, support is very welcome.

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Müritz National Park is located to the East of Hamburg, between Berlin and Rostock. All of these cities have an airport. To reach the park, there are good connections, allowing environmental friendly travel.

By train

The regional express train runs every hour from Berlin to Neustrelitz. Additionally, every two hour there´s a connection between Neustrelitz and Rostock with stops in Kratzeburg and Waren (Müritz). Furthermore, once a day an ICE connects Munich and Rostock with stops in Neustrelitz and Waren (Müritz). Informations  atwww.bahn.de

In addition, the National Park can be reached by disembarking from the regional train running from Neustrelitz to Mirow at the stops at Gross Quassow, Leussow or Wesenberg. This train is run by the Hanseatische Eisenbahn. The actual timetable you can find here.

It is possible to travel with your bicycle on the trains (except ICE).

By bus

If your accommodation is not near a train station, it may be possible to continue your journey by bus. Information on this is available from the local bus companies at: www.mvvg-bus.de and www.pvm-waren.de. In addition, you can find details on the special offer Müritz National Park Ticket at www.nationalparkticket.de

Furthermore, there is a seasonal shuttle bus offer between Neustrelitz, Mirow, Kratzeburg and Boek. More information is available here.

You should also ask your hotel for a pick-up service. Neustrelitz is connected with an intercity bus line: www.meinfernbus.de.

By car

From the West, the National Park can be reached with the A 19 motorway, taking the Röbel exit onto the B 198 federal highway or taking the Waren exit onto the B 192. From the South, the B 96 from Berlin allows a direct connection to Neustrelitz. From the East, take the A 20 motorway to the Friedland exit, and then continue on the B 198 toward Neustrelitz. From the motorway, a system of signs will direct you to the different entry points into the National Park and to the various nature experiences that each of them offers.


Müritz National Park is one of 21 ”nature destinations”. Further information on this can be found at www.fahrtziel-natur.de.